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Hello fellow artist!

As I’ve shared more recently on our Instagram page, I’ve had this growing desire to share more about myself with this community. When first creating Maizēn, I held the belief that this space had to look professional to build credibility and establish itself as a brand. But the more our customers/ artist friends shared their meaningful experiences with their Maizēn packages, the more a yearning from within grew to connect on a more personal level. 

What makes this community so special is that people come for the creative experiences we offer, but stay because they discover something new about themselves and want to continue growing. And that is exactly how Maizēn started.

Growing up in a family of talented artists, I held a limiting belief that I wasn’t as creative as my family members. But a simple, yet beautiful art experience in my early twenties changed that for me. I made my first fluid art piece and was hooked. It was calming and therapeutic, but also revealed something new about myself; that I too am creative, and that I too am an artist!

Coming from someone who used to be so intimidated by a blank canvas, I assure you this was a huge realization for me. Allowing myself to believe that I too am creative opened doors into discovering more pieces of myself that I didn’t allow myself to see before. If I am creative, what else can I create? What do I enjoy creating? What can my creations offer to others? There was a curious thought that maybe I didn’t know everything about who that person in the mirror was, and what she was capable of creating.

And I wanted others to be empowered by such an experience too! And so, Maizēn was born. Each Maizēn kit comes with a creative experience, along with a reflective activity that encourages you to be curious about discovering something you didn’t know about yourself, or about someone you are experiencing the craft with. 

Maizēn is very much reflective of my own journey of self discovery and growth. It’s grounded in the belief that the more we invest in discovering and growing ourselves, the more we reach our inner peace, my zen, AND the more color we can bring to the relationships that we care about. 

So cheers to a new season with Maizēn - I’m excited to share more of myself here, and hope you enjoy reading more of what goes on behind the scenes here. Feel free to comment below if you have a topic you are interested in talking about as a community here!

Take care,


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