new youtube channel/ warehouse makeover

BIG NEWS, friends!

I made a Youtube channel! Believe it or not, this has been over 10+ years in the making. I’ve even gone as far as editing several videos in my earlier twenties and never posting them…  

But this year’s challenge is all about trying new things that take me out of my comfort zone. I’m sure you can relate - the idea of sharing yourself with the Internet can be pretty vulnerable. But, now being a little bit older, and a little bit wiser, I realize that actually this is more about documenting and sharing my journey of discovering and growing myself. 

So much of the past two years has been invested into building Maizēn, and I am so excited to show you a little behind-the-scenes of my most recent project at the warehouse. Part of the reason why I wanted to create this Youtube channel was also to show the peaks and valleys of becoming an entrepreneur because it is challenging, but so worth it!

So, without further ado, here is my first ever Youtube video! Please comment, like and subscribe (always wanted to say that :))! Feel free to comment below if you have any topics you would be interested in seeing in the future!  

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