matcha strawberry fruit sando

Matcha Strawberry Fruit Sando

Another recipe for my fellow matcha lovers! This matcha fruit sando only requires 5 ingredients! Who would have known that a sweet sandwich would taste so good?! You can really use any fruit for this recipe - I've seen fruit sandos with kiwis, melon, oranges, grapes, really anything! The perfect mid-day, or really any time of the day snack 🍓 You can also view the full recipe Youtube video here.


  • Milk bread
  • Heavy whipping cream
  • Matcha powder
  • Sugar
  • Strawberries (or any fruit)

Matcha Strawberry Fruit Sando



  • Whip heavy whipping cream, 2 tsp of sugar (add more if you like sweeter sandos) and 1 tsp matcha powder in a medium sized mixing bowl. Set aside.
  • Remove the crusts of two slices of milk bread. Remove stems of 4-5 small to medium sized strawberries. Rinse and pat strawberries dry with a paper towel.
  • Add matcha whipped cream to one slice and place the strawberries on top.
  • Cover the strawberries with more whipped cream, making sure to completely coat all strawberries.
  • Place the second slice of bread on top and squish down. Remove excess whipped cream from the sides.
  • Wrap the sando in plastic wrap and store in the fridge for two hours before enjoying.
  • Pro tip: Make note of which direction you are slicing the strawberries so that when you cut the sandwich in half, you are slicing the strawberries in half. Otherwise you will have a not so pretty sando that is still really yummy :)
  • Happy sando making! Save and send this recipe to someone who might enjoy it 🫶




For the full recipe video, you can check my "Five Easy Matcha Snack Recipes" video on Youtube!

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